Monday, January 10, 2011

A big update

WOW! I can't believe thats its been three months since I lasted posted, I feel pretty pathetic, not that anyone really reads this blog anyways, but I need to be better. Now that we are hunkered down in freezing Yakima for the rest of the winter I will have more time to blog! So anyways, here are just an array of our adventures the last three months, I have been pretty lame taking pics, I didn't take a single picture of Thanksgiving and only a few at Christmas and disneyland. I am the type of person that loves to live in the moment and enjoy what I am seeing right then, rather then seeing it through a camera, or it could be that I am just really lazy, probably the later. But we did get some cute pics including some great family pics in November. Enjoy!

I can never get tired of this grin, Claire since she was born has been so smiley and happy! Love my baby girl!

My Dad came to visit in October. We drove into Seattle and picked him up and then toured some areas around the Puget sound where my Dad actually served his mission almost 30 years ago! It was fun to see where he served and have us tell him stories from his mission.

We took the Bremerton ferry back to Seattle and the girls LOVED it! It was fun to park our car, then go up to the deck and see Seattle, it was a beautiful sunny day! We were lucky!

Juliet on the ferry

While my Dad was here we went to this charming family farm called Bill's Berry Farm, and had a fabulous time picking out pumpkins, taking a hay ride through the orchards and riding the animal train! Juliet had to ride on this like 5 times! It was darling!

Picking out pumpkins!

Theres that grin again!

For Halloween (yes it really has been a long time since I posted!), Juliet was Cinderella and Claire was a fairy.

I love her little pose in this picture!

Trying on wigs from our costume box

In November we had our good friend take some pics of us, we only got a few good family shots and one good one each of the girls, but thats all I ask for. Juliet is infamous for NEVER looking at a camera! Its so frusturating, but hopefully she will grow out of it!

LOVE this picture! So happy that we caught it!

Beautiful Juliet! Her hair is getting so long, to bad she screams at me whenever I come around with a brush! Update on Juliet, she is loving preschool and just started Sunbeams this last week in church and did really well! She loves to read and after hearing a book once or twice can pretty much read it back to me. She loves to sing and dance, we have dance parties daily. She loves her disney musicals, her favorite right now is Beauty and the Beast. She loves to play with Claire and is always concerned about where she is and if she is alright. She is a good big sister. Love her.

I've seen that grin before! Claire is at such a fun age right now, she just turned 19months and is growing up way to fast. She is in the 95th percentile for her height and weight, she is huge, she is already wearing 3T outfits! She loves to play and tease and is always super smiley and ready to give hugs and kisses on demand. She loves to dress up and loves her collection of bears. She feeds herself, undresses herself, loves to read and dance with her sister. She is already talking alot and is just a joy!

Another great shot!

I am so blessed to have such an amazing sweet family!

For Christmas and New Years we headed to Vegas, it was definetely a little warmer there and sunnier, but still kinda cold. We did all of our Christmas with the girls before we flew down, so the girls only had a few presents to open, but we had fun hanging out with all of Ryan's siblings and spouses and their families, it was a packed house but still really fun. My sense of taste came back just in time, after having a nasty cold the entire week before christmas, to enjoy Christmas dinner of Prime Rib and all the yummy salads and desserts. Then a day later I came down with 24hr flu bug and was confined to my room for a day. Not fun! I hate being sick on vacation! But we did lots of fun things in Vegas. Saw TrueGrit and Tron, ate at all our favorite restuarants, went bowling, shopping, saw old friends and most fun of all we went to Disneyland for a day!!!

Girls in matching Christams pjs, love it!

Jules crashed out on the couch on Christmas night! It was a fun day!

SPACE MOUNTAIN! Yes thats Juliet next to Ryan! Ryan was so excited to take Juliet on the "big" rides at Disneyland because she is so tall! I wasn't sure what she would think of Space Mountain, we walked right on because we had fast passes and just put her in it, she didn't know what was coming. But she liked it! She said, "that was really fun DAD!" I'm glad she liked it, I thought she might be tramatized! She also went on Big Thunder Mountain railroad and the Matterhorn! So proud of her!

Juliet on Autopia, I love her expression!

On the carousel! Juliet was really excited to go on this, though you can't tell from her face! She was actually not feeling very good this day, the night before she had a fever and was still warm in the morning so she was drugged up on tylenol all day and I think that made her a little out of it. Poor thing! But she still had fun!

While we were in Vegas we went out on the boat to Lake Mead. Yes it was cold while we were on the boat, but we found a beautiful beach and it was so sunny and clear, just an absolutely gorgeous day and we actually started getting hot and shed some of our layers. We had a yummy BBQ on the beach and took a little hike.

I think Claire looks like a boy in this pics, except for the pink sweatshirt, someday she will grow some hair!!!

I love this pic, she loved the boat and the water was like glass. We had a great time in Vegas but were glad to be home!

Oh, and here is a little video of the girls on Christmas at our house, its cute!


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