Sunday, July 3, 2011

Beautiful Oregon

After we got back from our trip to Houston for my Dad's sealing, the next day literally we packed up and drove to Salem, OR to tag along with Ryan for a week long orthodontic training he had at the IHS clinic in Salem. Salem holds a special place in my heart, because I grew up there from kindergarten through 7th grade. I haven't been back since I was 13. It was crazy driving around and recognizing landmarks, parks and restaurants that I remembering going to as a child. The public library, minto brown park, my elementary school Candelaria and of course my old house we lived in. It was actually shocking to see because its obvious that no on has lived there for sometime, of if they did they let it get really run down. But since we could tell no one was living there I took a few pictures and walked around. It brought back ALOT of memories, some good, some really bad. This is the house I lived in when my Dad and Mom divorced and I saw and heard alot of things that a kid probably shouldn't. It was a little sureal being there, because I have blocked alot of those memories and don't think about them much. I have hope for the house though, because there were ladders and tools laying around and I think someone maybe has bought it and is working to restore it. It was the coolest house ever! It felt like a tree house. Because it was perched at the top of a cul-de-sac, surrounded by trees and lush green plants with wrap around decks and sliding doors out of every room. It was a fun house to grow up in, I hope someone takes care of it.

The Crestview house

Oregon is so beautiful! Can't say that enough. We throughly enjoyed seeing some beautiful sites. These waterfalls are at the Silver Falls National Park. This is another place from my childhood. My dad would take me hiking here when I was little and I haven't been back since I was child. It was fun to take the girls there to see these amazing waterfalls and lush landscape. It feels like a rainforest. It rained the whole time we were hiking around and when you get close to the water falls (you walk around them), the spray plus the rain, means we were pretty wet. But so worth it!

Family pic at Silvers Falls

Us on the trail, it was so green!!

Of course we also took a day to visit the beach, but again it was a very rainy and cold day, so no sun bathing for us, but we had fun driving up the coast and jumping out for a few pics. And eating at Mo's clam chowder house was so worth it as well. Yummiest clam chowder ever!The Oregon coast is so dreamy looking, I love it.

Devil's Punch Bowl

One day after training we drove a little ways to Woodburn, Or where a beautiful Tulip festival was going on. It was unbelievable! Rows of tulips as far as the eye could see, in so many beautiful colors. Gorgeous!

Jules in the wooden shoes

One of my favorite pics of Jules and Claire, best friends!

We had a wonderful time in Oregon, it was nice to get away for a week and spend time together and see so many beautiful sites. Ryan and I both agree it wouldn't be a hard decision to move to Oregon someday, there are lots of IHS clinics there. Guess we will wait and see.....


n8 and Aubrey said...

So beautiful! Love the house... It DOES look so fun. We went there last summer and it was rainy and cold then too. It must be the Oregon way.

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