Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation, Big 4 year old, Anniversary and Easter!!!!

So alot has happened to the Davis family in the last two months! I will break it up so you won't fall asleep reading a long never ending post. I will start with our celebration weekend, as I call it, over Easter weekend in Utah. We flew into Utah to spend some time with my family the Thursday before Easter, the girls were great on the plane, they shared a seat together and watched a movie the whole time so eager to drink their special juice with a straw and eat bags of peanuts and pretzels. After we got our bags, and two carseats, which is pretty funny to watch us walk through the airport carrying all of this because Ryan refuses to pay for one of those carts! We make it down to the car rental station, which has a super duper long line, and they messed up our reservation, but we got everything figured out and started driving to Springville. We of course were starving so thankfully we see beloved IN and Out and stop for a cheeseburger and fries. But of course right before we get our food, I smell somthing stinky in the back. I get Claire out to change her, and her back and legs are covered in poo! GROSS!!! So we had to clean her up on the side of the road and bag up her pants till we got to a washing machine. Granted I wasn't feeling very hungry anymore after cleaning her up! We finally made it to Springville and dropped off the girls and zoomed back into crazy Provo to find a quick spot and rush into the Marriott Center for Bryn's graduation ceremony. Elder Scott spoke and it was wonderful! It was great to see Linda and George and also Ryan's sister Amber. We all went out to a nice dinner after at the Art City Trolley, which luckily there was a cancellation of a reservation so we were able to seat down right away. The Carrot Cake there is to die for!

The next day was Friday, Ryan and I's 6th anniversary! Wow time has gone by fast!! We spent the morning walking around BYU campus, the bookstore, eating lunch with my mom, Linda, George and Bryn. Claire was being really silly in the Wilkinson center while we were eating and she ran away so fast from us, she ran into a storage closet and shut the door, she was locked in!!! LUCKILY, the gal who had the key was only a few feet away and was able to open the door. Could you imagine if she was off duty or something??? It could have taken awhile to get the door open. Silly girl! That afternoon we left the girls with my Dad and drove up to the Bountiful Temple where my grandparents work. My grandfather is a sealer there and we decided it would be very cool to sit and do sealings in one of his sessions. It was beautiful and I saw a whole new side of my grandfather that I will never forget. He showed us around the temple and the celestial room was gorgeous. After leaving the temple we drove into downtown Salt Lake and went to dinner at the Roof at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It was such a perfect dinner, so romantic and delicious! It was a big splurge, but so worth it. I wish we would have brought our camera, but Ryan did take a beautiful pic with her phone of the SLC temple when we went outside. Ryan proposed to me at Temple Square so it is a special place for us. We walked around, toured the visitors center, chatted with the sister missionaries, saw the Christus. Funny story to me at least, when Ryan and I were sitting in front of the Christus, I thought Ryan was in deep thought and would talk to me about it, but when I asked him what he was thinking about, in a duh kinda voice he said, "Jesus?" It made me laugh. It was a wonderful anniversary, for gifts I had an old watch Ryan received at the SLC olympics fixed and he had my UNLV degree put in a beautiful setting and frame. Thanks Babe!

Saturday was spent shopping with my Mama, which I love oh so much and wish I could do all time. I scored getting two new pairs of jeans at a consignment shop (a pair of seven's and gap jeans) and then a new pair of capris at Gap, and a darling dress and new shirts from Downeast Outfitter's which is my favorite store. Fun, Fun! Saturday was also Juliet's 4th Birthday!!!! We already celebrated back home in Yakima as a family and with her friends, but we made her another cake, (she wanted strawberries) and opened the gifts my mom, mimi and my grandma bought her. New dresses, sparkle light up shoes, new books and a kite!

Easter sunday, was wet and rainy and cold!!! We didn't get a single pic of the girls outside, we did a little egg hunt, which they still liked and we hid their easter baskets that morning. Sadly, didn't get any pics, I know very lame, I will try to make up for it next year. But had a lovely time at church and had my grandparents and aunts and unlces over for a big dinner after. It was great to see everyone!

Monday was spent packing up, cleaning, doing laundry before we left that afternoon. But I did squeeze in a lunch date with my high school and old roomie Jaime. It had been awhile since I had seen her so it was great to catch up and laugh like old times. She is my one and only friend from high school that I see regularly and talk too! So it meant alot to see her.

Monday afternoon we flew home, girls did pretty good, a little more whiny, but no serious meltdowns or anything. The drive home from Seattle was long, but we had to get home to get ready for out next advernture to start in a few days. Post about that coming soon. Here are a few pics from the trip, but again didn't take that many.

Salt Lake Temple

At our home celebrating Juliet's 4th Birthday

Little birthday party at Sarg Hubbard Park, friends in attendance were Chambray, Caroline, Evan, Riley, Marshall, Malec, Logan. It was very windy and kinda cold, but kids had fun!

Opening presents, her favorite part. She really got into her birthday this year, telling me what she wanted everyday etc...

Celebrating again at my Mom's house

Ryan and Bryn at Graduation! Congrats Bryn!! Going to graduation made me so thankful that Ryan and I are done with school. I can't believe its been two years since Ryan graduated dental school! It goes so fast!


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